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              Wireless Sensing Solutions

              Wireless sensing technology and sensor networks deliver the data you need to manage and optimize your operations by LoRa or LoRawan. Regardless of your industry, the pressure to increase data acquisition efficiency, reduce waste, reduce energy consumption, and maximize equipment uptimes is constant. Wzzard makes it easy and nonintrusive to capture sensor data from existing equipment and operations, thus facilitating ongoing improvements that lower costs, increase productivity, and reduce waste.


              • Wzzard Wireless Mesh Sensor Network

                The Wzzard™ is an easy to use, complete wireless sensor connectivity platform for the rapid deployment of scalable, intelligent, reliable IoT networking in demanding environments. Because of its efficient distribution of information to single or multiple receivers, low power usage and minimized data packets, it is ideal for mobile or remote locations.

              • Wzzard Mesh Nodes

                Wzzard nodes support industry-standard external sensors such as A/D I/O and thermocouples with internal sensor and integrated antenna options as well.

              • Wzzard Mesh Starter Kits

                Wzzard wireless sensor kits include everything to start collecting edge sensor data. Non-intrusive, non-disruptive overlay to existing networks.

              • LoRa Sensing Network

                Advantech LoRa sensing platform quickly and easily creates a complete connectivity stack between your sensors and application

              • Wzzard Mesh Gateways

                SmartSwarm 342 gateways integrate data from diverse systems, remote devices and sensors into dashboards, analytics, predictive maintenance programs.



              • Advantech IIoT Intelligent Connectivity 2018 LoRaWAN Webinar

                Advantech IIoT Intelligent Connectivity 2018 LoRaWAN Webinar

                LoRaWAN introduction and product info

              Contact Advantech


              Contact Advantech

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