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          • 列車車輛控制解決方案


            • EN 50155 認證列車車輛控制系統

              通過EN50155 規範代表ARS電子系統的關鍵性設計符合軌道交通嚴苛環境的要求,其中包含了強固性、電磁設計、安全要求等。符合EN 50155的ARS系列,適用于各式列車運用情境,運作安全無間斷。
            • 擴充模塊

              ARS擴充模塊爲提升ARS全系列列車控制系統而設計,標准模塊系列包含2.5" SSD、 Dual COM、Dual CAN以及MVB等組合,另提供客制化服務設計訂制化模塊,讓ARS系列成爲最符合需求的解決方案。
            • EN 50155 認證列車車輛Panel PC

              研華ARS-P系列是無風扇設計的乘客信息系統,通過專門爲列車車輛應用所提出的EN 50155認證。它具有高亮度與對比度的液晶面板,即使在光線不足的環境下也能輕松閱讀,爲各種列車車輛(例如火車與電車)的乘客信息系統,打造最可靠的信息平台。
          • 強固型計算系統

            A ruggedized system is a computer specifically built to operate reliably in extreme usage environments and conditions, such as strong vibrations, wide range temperatures and wet or dusty conditions. It delivers quality, durability, reliability, compatibility, high performance and long product lifecycle in field-proven application. Unique environments offer different and specific attacks to computing systems, which are used to collection, computing, & data transmission to reach the goal of intelligent management and monitoring.

            • Rugged Box PC

              A rugged box PC is a necessity when performance and reliability are needed in harsh environments, such as extreme weather, or over bumpy ground, high humidity, water invasion, or the corrosive conditions of heavy salt fog. To fulfill these requirements, the systems are designed to meet MIL-810G military specifications for drops, vibration, immersion, and temperature extremes and with IP65 to IP68 ratings, they are protected against water and dust.
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