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          Realize Your IoT System, Available, Visible, Usable!
          Advantech's device-to-cloud solution realizes the possibility for edge devices to pass equipment and environmental data to cloud platforms directly. They also enable the utilization of cloud platform tools to perform statistical analysis and visualization of data, so that users can understand the status of the equipment and environment at a glance.
          Advantech Devices Now Support MQTT Protocol - Get Started with a Lightweight IoT Protocol
          MQTT (message queuing telemetry transport) is a publish/subscribe messaging protocol for constrained Internet of Things devices in low-bandwidth, high-latency, or unreliable networks. Advantech devices that support the MQTT protocol can communicate directly with the cloud or ERP/MES systems without a gateway or converter. Additionally, equipped wit
          Easily connect ot your smart factory - UNO-2271G
          The pocket-size UNO-2271G is the same width and length as a 2.5” SSD but still includes the ability to expand its performance to meet your needs through six mounting solutions (Stand, Pole-mount, VESA, DIN-RAIL, Wall-mount, and vertical mount) and over 30 iDOOR modules. This combination gives users over 100 possible combinations to meet all possible needs.

          X-POWER-BY FNC V0.5.2 FROM ZZ41